Whenever we ask our kids what they want to do in the city, the first thing they yell is Maggie Daley Park!

maggie daley park

This park is for the big kids. For the kids who have long been able to touch the ground on the monkey bars at their local playgrounds. Most structures are for ages 5-12 and they mean it.  


The big kids love the challenge of climbing high and then shooting down the metal slides. But this proves quite the challenge as a mom of a three year old. He wants to do everything the big kids do but he got stuck in that high tower. It was beyond stressful!

While the big structures as very attractive, there are smaller places for the little kids to find fun.  


Will declared the ship a pirate ship and wanted to spend hours playing inside and on the deck.  


There are also sweet little paths and trails to do as a family. 


When planning your trip to Maggie Daley Park, pack scooters or rollerblades to do the Ribbon. If you forget, they are available for rent along with equipment to do the rock walls.  


Things to know:  once all of the schools are out, this place is packed!  Put your kids in bright colors and make a meeting spot. It also isn't a bad idea to stick your contact info in younger kids' pockets in case you get separated.  

Parking is available at a discounted rate HERE.  

Lastly, bring your camera. You can get amazing shots of the Chicago skyline! 

maggie daley park review

For park hours and more information, visit the Maggie Daley Park website