This post is in partnership with Laser X.

This post is in partnership with Laser X.

The weather is warming up and we are on the hunt for the best outdoor toys for summer.  My kids have always loved laser tag so when we found out about Laser X, I had a feeling they were going to love it.

laser x micro blasters

There are several different products available in the Laser X product line.  The kids tested out the Laser X Micro Blasters.  You can buy the Laser X systems in singles or doubles.  

Laser x mini

Each blaster has a shooter and is connected by a cord to the sensor that goes on your arm.

laser x micro blaster review

On the arm band you can select the red team, blue team or every person for themselves.  This is great because multiple sets can work together and you can have big neighborhood battles.  

best outdoor toy for summer

The Micro Blasters can reach up to 100 feet.  The sensors beep which is nice to keep kids playing fair.  It starts off as green and then moves to yellow and red as you've been hit.

outdoor toys for summer

As a parent, I love the Laser X games because it gets the kids outside and running.  It has the appeal of a video game but instead of sitting inside, they are out enjoying the sunshine.

outdoor toys for summer

Do you think your kids will love Laser X as much as mine do?  Enter the giveaway below to win your own Laser X Micro Blasters!

Disclosure: We were provided products for this post, all opinions are honest and my own.