Let's face it the Stocking is always the last thing we think about. Am I right? The thing is in our house its the first thing the kids see Christmas morning. As a kid I loved my stocking stuffers. My mom was really good at filling it with stuff we loved. I try my hardest not to let the stocking be lost in the shuffle. The truth is the stocking allows your to be creative and you can think outside the box. The best part of the stocking, you don't have to wrap!  I try to buy little fun things I see  as I do my Christmas shopping. If you have waited to the last minute in order to buy Stocking Stuffers. I have a few ideas for you!

Pottery Barn Kids Stocking

I like to find little things that the kids will love and actually use and a few treats they will enjoy!

Kids Stocking stuffer ideas

Duck Lip Gloss Set, Skipper  Glitter Gel Pens Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty 

You can also fill it with combs, brushes, nail polish, magazines, barnes & noble or target gift card, mechanical pencils, tooth brushes, lip balm, earrings and much more!

Russell Stover's Holiday Chocolates

Peppermint Bark, Saying Bars, Raspberry Cream Santa, Iddy Biddy Santas,

A stocking isn't complete without some sweet treats! It completes the stocking and adds some fun. I grew up getting Russell Stover's Chocolates from my Grandma. It is fun to pass on a special tradition to my kids. The saying bars are adorable and look perfect in a stocking! The peppermint bark is a huge favorite in our house and it might not end up in the stocking!

stocking stuffers

What are you putting in your kids stocking's this year?