There's a boy, named Donovan who lives in Chicago.  He may be just 10 but he has super powers. His alter ego, ECHO, has the ability to fight crime with his voice.  And if he yells real loud, he can even knock people over.  See for yourself!

He just had his last chemo on Friday, so we’re praying that this is the last one and this is just a celebration for him. And we’re praying that we are through this.
— Searcy, Donovan's Mom

The Chicago film community partnered with Make A Wish on this project to grant Donovan's wish.  Donavon has a brain tumor and wanted to be the star of his own real super hero movie.  The community came together, many as extras in the film, celebrating this amazing little guy.

To see how this great film came together, watch the video below that shows what it was like to be behind the scenes!

We're sending nothing but love to you, Donavon!  We hope you feel better soon.  Thanks to our friend, Jane Williamson, one of the producers of the film for sharing this story with us.  To find out more, visit Make A Wish Illinois.