While hauling out the last load of stuff to the car at the dance competition last weekend, I happened to catch a glimpse of myself holding the first place trophy from Madeline’s small group dance that she received the night before.


Something in me told me to pull out my phone - fast, before someone else got on - and snap a pic. It could be that in that moment I realized I don’t think I had held a first place trophy before. Or maybe it was because I was so proud of the girls and how hard they work day in and day out to receive that award.

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If you’re not a dance mom, here’s a little background into how group awards work. Basically there are a ton of the them. There are judges’ awards, then each dance’s score falls into a range and those awards are given out. After all of that, they do overall placements. Each competition is different and it depends on how many dances are in each age group to determine how many overall awards the give out. For this award they did a top 5.


The girls take turns going up for their different dances. So not only does your dance need to win overall first pace, but it has to be your turn to go up to get the award. So bringing home the overall first place award is not something that happens every day. And for group dances, you don’t get to keep it, it goes back to the studio for all to admire.


When we finally got home from the competition and I was looking back through my pics on my phone, I saw the one of me holding the giant award and smiled. It’s not that I am one of those moms trying to live through my children. It’s that their successes are my successes. (Their failures are also my failures, but that’s a different blog post.). They put in the time at the studio but I put in the time driving them to the studio. And their dad and I put in the cash to fund their time at the studios.

We always say to do your best and have fun. There’s no pressure to win coming from us. This whole experience, like all competitive sports, is teaching them much more than how to win. But seeing your kid on stage with their mouth on the floor holding the big award? That needs to be celebrated.


So the next time your kid comes home with the big award, take a picture with it. Better yet, get all of the team moms together and take a group photo. I know we will next time. Take the pic, you earned it!

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