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Of all the baby gear you're sure to need, the car seat might be the most frequently utilized and essential item. There are seemingly endless choices when it comes to car seats and because they are all required to meet the same basic safety standards, beyond selecting a reputable brand, choosing a car seat often comes down to subjective preferences. In addition to safety, convenience and comfort were our top priorities, which is why we chose the Maxi Cosi Micro Max 30 for our baby-to-be.


Car seat installation can be daunting for first time parents but the base of the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 was simple to install in our backseat. No trip to our local fire department necessary :) For Uber trips, the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 can be easily secured in any back seat by using a shoulder strap, allowing for ease and convenience for getting around the city when you choose not to drive.


In addition to using our Maxi Cosi for its primary purpose as a car seat, we use it nearly every day around our neighborhood with our Bugaboo stroller adapter. With its compact design, we can easily navigate narrow passages at restaurants and shops. We've also found that our baby much prefers the secure environment of her Maxi Cosi to the large bassinet of her stroller. We refer to her car seat as magic; whether making endless trips to the suburbs or strolling the streets, we've found great comfort in knowing that a restful nap was all but guaranteed when our baby was snug in her Maxi Cosi.


Another major point of convenience is that all of the material is machine washable. Each fabric component is easy to remove and can be tossed into the washing machine, a huge plus when you find yourself dealing with baby blowouts on the regular. We've also found the material to be incredibly stain resistant - our baby has definitely put it to the test!


As a new parent, my preferred mode of transportation for my baby would be a bubble. While that may not be an option, the Maxi Cosi is the next best thing. The seat itself is super cushy and comes with a removable newborn insert, a removable headrest/halo situation, and removable shoulder strap pads which comfortably support wobbly newborn necks (and also amplify sweet, squishable baby cheeks!).


I will never forget the first time we buckled our ittybitty girl into her Maxi Cosi to take her home from the hospital. Our nurse very gently showed us the safe and proper way to secure her in her seat and we felt like the luckiest two humans in the world as we walked out of the hospital with our sweetheart and clicked her into our car. From that moment on, our baby's love for her Maxi Cosi has provided us with confidence as new parents as well as peace of mind in our day-to-day lives.


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