For the past year, my oldest daughter has been obsessed with hedgehogs. She even had a hedgehog cake at her Woodland Birthday Party last March. It was no surprise that the only thing on her Christmas list was a hedgehog.  


After much research by her and us, we decided that a hedgehog could be the perfect pet for an almost 10 year old. We found a great breeder by our Michigan house and came up with a plan.  

Hedgehog doodle by Ellie

Hedgehog doodle by Ellie

Since we were heading to Tennessee the day after Christmas we couldn't have the hedgehog for her on Christmas Day. Santa brought the hedgehog cage and everything a 2 month old hedgehog could need along with a picture of her little hoglet.  

We explained that after we get back from Tennessee we would drive up and get her new pet, which she named Delilah.  

The drive home was interesting. Our pick up date was pushed back a day so it was the three kids and me to meet Delilah. She grew a lot in a week and we severely underestimated her size so the box we brought to bring her home in was too small and she kept trying to climb out!



Needless to say there was much screaming in our mini van and we stopped back for a bigger box. 

It was the best we could do! 

It was the best we could do! 

Since Delilah has been home with us for the past week we have been getting to know each other and Ellie has spent lots of time with her new favorite girl bonding.  


Delilah loves to explore her surroundings. She is adventurous and active but also loves a good cuddle. The kids are still getting used to her quills so they have been wearing gloves when holding her. 


Ellie just could not love Delilah more and is taking her hedgie parent responsibility very seriously. We are so proud of the kind and caring girl she has become.

You can follow along on Delilah's adventures on Instagram where Ellie will be sharing pics. She is soooo cute!

If you have any hedgehog advice or tips please leave them in the comments!  This week we are tackling a bath!