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Mother's Day is coming up and while we love a handmade card and painted flower pot from the kids, this year we treated ourselves to a little Mother's Day getaway.  Come along with us on our fun filled trip to Southwest Michigan!  


With our new MyEyeDr. sunglasses packed, we were ready to take a road trip to Michigan for a weekend of relaxation.  It was nothing but blue sunny skies and our drive up the Lake Michigan coast was gorgeous.  We were happy for the UV protection from our new Dragon sunglasses!


How can you not be happy when you see the Pure Michigan sign and sapphire blue skies?!


South Haven was our final destination but we stopped in New Buffalo on the way up for dinner at the Stray Dog.  The Stray Dog is right on the water and completely packed in the summer, but we were able to snag a table during the big rush with only a 45 minute wait.  On a summer weekend it can be well over 2 hours so if you want to enjoy this New Buffalo staple, try to go during an off peak time.


The food and drinks were delicious and the rooftop is just so inviting.


After walking along the lake in New Buffalo, it was time to continue our drive north to South Haven!


This is our South Haven beach and one of my most favorite places on the planet.  The water is clear and so peaceful, even if it's too chilly for a swim this early in the season.  If you want to make the trip from the Chicago area to Michigan you have to note the difference in Chicago Time and Michigan Time.  Michigan is in the Eastern time zone so you lose an hour on the way up.  But this means it stays light for an extra hour and you get a little more time on the beach!


After sleeping in - YES! SLEEPING IN - we decided to do a little shopping in South Haven.  There are tons of new stores opening up in town as well as a brewery and new tasting room coming this summer.  


This hat found in Bells and Whistle became the motto of our trip.  


It's amazing how fun shopping can be without a four year old begging to leave every store to go to the toy store!  It was so fun and relaxing to take our time trying on clothes and looking at all of the cute things.


The South Haven movie theater is just too adorable.  We were feeling pretty all weekend with lots of laughs!


There's nothing better than having a little wine on the beach.  The South Haven light house makes a great back drop for photos.  The Lake was calm all weekend even though a few clouds rolled in before dinner.


Every time we do a girls trip to Michigan we always have dinner at Salt of the Earth.  It's tradition. 

Salt of the Earth Fenville

The food at Salt of the Earth is delicious and we can spend hours eating and laughing and sharing a bottle of an amazing rosé.


One more trip to the beach the next morning and it was time to head home.  There's just something about spending time with great friends away from everyday life that leaves you completely recharged and ready to tackle motherhood again.  


Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms!  We wish you all of the handmade cards and maybe a little time to relax without anyone tugging on you and asking for a snack.

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