This post is in partnership with PortoVino Wine Bags.

There's nothing we love more than a great bag.

portovino wine bag review

Except a great bag that also holds and dispenses wine!!!!  Meet PortoVino, the most fun bag around.  Here's how it works.  You unzip the insulated pouch and pull out the bladder inside.  Simply fill it up with the beverage of your choice, put the cap on and zip it back up in the bag.


Then dispense the beverage wherever you want, follow all applicable laws, of course.

portovino wine bag giveaway

You now have your beverage discretely on the go.  This is especially great for pools or places where glass is restricted.  Because it is a fully functioning tote, you can also eliminate the cooler at soccer games and add in ice packs and fill it with a sports drink, water - anything!

portovino wine purse

Portovino also makes silicone wine glasses that are easy and safe to pack along in the bag.  Perfect for enjoying your beverage in the outdoors!

portovino wine bag review

Now we are so excited to have a PortoVino Bag to giveaway!  Enter in Rafflecopter below.  Cheers!

portovino wine bag review