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Back to school means school supply shopping, earlier bedtimes and eye exams.  

The kids get their eyes examined every year before school starts. This year we thought it would be fun to take the entire TLSF gang together to get their eyes examined. Even us moms got our eyes examined!

my eye doctor chicago

From the moment we walked into the office, the entire staff was super friendly.  Taking 5 kids from ages 3-11 to any appointment can be an um, challenge, but when we walked in the door the receptionist gave the kids who were waiting sunglasses, coloring pages and lots of stickers.  


While Betsy and I brought all five kids to the same MyEyeDr. location in Chicago, we had very different experiences.

Betsy's Family

When I told Mia and Dylan they were going to the eye doctor they were nervous and not excited about the idea. From the moment we stepped into MyEyeDr. in Wicker Park the process was easy and not scary. They both actually enjoyed getting their eyes examined.

MyEyeDr. kids eye doctor
MyEyeDr. Chicago

The tech and doctor were both great with the kids. Dylan was fascinated with all the machines and wanted to see his sister's eye ball! Its fun to turn in a much needed experience into a learning opportunity!

back to school eye exams

Dylan and Mia both do not need glasses but mom does. I had glasses when I was young but had grown out of needing them. I am now in my 40's and need glasses for both reading and driving.

eye doctor for busy moms

The eye doctor said it will make driving more comfortable at night. I am looking forwards to that!

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Kristin's Family

If you've been a reader of TLSF for a while, you may have seen my oldest daughter in and out of glasses since she was 4.  She was originally diagnosed as being far sighted with an astigmatism.  I have since learned that most children are far sighted to some degree and they usually outgrow it as their eyes grow.  


Towards the end of last year Ellie had been saying that the board was starting to get blurry.  Then over the summer she couldn't read the clock on the oven while standing in the kitchen.  But she had no problem reading and blew through four Harry Potter books this summer.  


It turns out that Ellie is now near sighted with an astigmatism.  The doctor recommended glasses when at school so she can read the board and at home while watching tv.  But not when reading. Ellie asked about contacts and Dr. Ellen said they typically will talk contacts with an 11 year old so that could be a new adventure for next year!  Ellie's eyeballs are ever changing so yearly exams are very important for her.


Will and Madeline had relatively uneventful appointments.  Both of their visions look great and the staff actually got a 3 year old to sit still to take photos of his eyes and do a full exam.


Will thought the entire thing was pretty funny.  Especially when Dr. Ellen held different lenses in front of his eyes.

I'll be honest, I don't remember ever going to an eye doctor.  My mom assures me I had eye exams as a child but despite having two different colored eyes, I've always had perfect vision.

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Besides checking to see if you need glasses, an eye exam can tell you a lot about your overall health.  Doctors appointments always make me nervous but Dr. Ellen was thorough explaining everything they screened for and all of the results.  Turns out my vision is still perfect!


Getting Glasses

So many times there are mixed feelings when a person finds out they need glasses.  Thankfully for Betsy and Ellie, MyEyeDr. has tons of frames to select from.

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Having her siblings and friends with her made finding the perfect pair of glasses a really fun experience.


Everyone got in on the fun of picking out the frames they would want if they were getting glasses today.  As you can tell, there are lots of styles and colors.  It's awesome to have so many choices but a little hard to wrangle the kids in to narrow down to their top few frames.

cool kids eye glasses

We left MyEyeDr. with 2 out of 7 of us needing glasses.  Ordering the glasses was quick and easy and they will be ready for pick up in about a week or so.

back to school eye exams

We can't wait to show you what Betsy and Ellie chose for their glasses!  Stay tuned!

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