Somehow I blinked and my baby turned 10.  Ten is big.  It's double digits.  It's middle school next year.  It's the age I promised her she could get a phone way back when she was in kindergarten and I thought she would forget.  More about that later.  For 10 you need to celebrate big.  For 10 you need a spa day!

10th birthday party ideas

There is a great local salon by us that loves to host parties.  It's a grown up salon, but they will turn the bluetooth code over so you can play your tween's favorite music and they let you do pretty much whatever to give the kids a great time.

For decorations we went pretty minimal.  We hung a birthday banner that matched her invitations and cupcake toppers, added some decorative fans and had a big 1-0 balloon arrangement.

Ellie and 15 of her very best friends took over the salon, picking their colors and discussing patterns and design options.

spa birthday party

Ellie was going for a look that matched her birthday outfit while her little sis picked out her two very favorite colors - pink and purple.

spa birthday party

The most entertaining part of the party for the adults was watching the girls in the massage chairs.  They thought they were heavenly and could not get enough!

nail salon birthday party

The girls had the option to get a kids manicure, pedicure or both.  We didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable and at 9 and 10, feet are still sometimes super ticklish.  

spa birthday birthday
spa party
10th spa birthday party

The great salon that we used let us have pizza delivered and we brought in a party tub of drinks and a fruit tray.  While the girls were waiting for their turns, they ate or took turns in the selfie station.  The props were perfect for a tween birthday party.  I just was sure to take out the martini from the Spritz set before we left.

After all of the services were complete, we did cupcakes and presents.  Here's a little tip, nail techs are FAST!  They had all of the girls done within an hour.  We were expecting to do gifts at home but since we had about 20 minutes left before the parents were picking up, we had plenty of time.

spa party cupcakes
10th birthday party

For favors, we attached a little tag that said "mani thanks" to a little bag with nail polish and a nail file.  The party guests loved them and were happy to bring a little bit of their salon pampering home.

spa party favors

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with Ellie to make her birthday the best day ever!  If you see me looking at baby pictures holding a kleenex, don't worry about me.  I'll be okay.  While it is a little bittersweet to say goodbye to our little girl, we could not be more proud of the young lady growing up before us.  We love you, Elizabeth Grace!  Happy 10!