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Here is the story of our Nest Camera.  One summer night, a group of neighbors were sitting around my neighbor's pool talking about the regular suburban middle school mischief that had been happening in our neighborhood.  Everyone was over the ding dong ditching that made the dog bark, that woke up the baby at night shenanigans.  Then a neighbor's "Welcome Fall" sign was taken from their front porch and that was the last straw.  


The husbands/dads wanted to do something.  So, with a beer in hand, they ordered 6 outdoor Nest Cameras and they were delivered within 48 hours from Amazon Prime.  By the next Friday night, our new Next Camera was perched high and keeping a watchful eye on our front door.  By the time all of the neighbors' cameras were installed, every street corner, front yard and back yard had video surveillance.  


The Nest cameras are really pretty cool.  You can see everything through the Nest app on your phone and can watch live video, go back and look at past video and even talk through the microphone.

So while we knew that we would be getting a view of our front porch, we never expected these three things.

1.  Nightly Carpool Dance Parties

Now that the kids and their friends know they have an audience, you can count on after dance class dance parties on our front porch.  They don't ring the bell, they just dance and wait until we get the notification to come let them in.  



I mean, how does that not crack you up?  They are too funny!

2. One Last Before School Goodbye

Now on the way to work, my husband waits for the notification that our daughters are headed out to the bus and he uses the microphone to say one last "Have a great day at school!" before they get on the bus.  The first few times this happened, I poked my head out the front door to see what they were doing because it looked like they were talking to no one!  Then I heard Ryan's voice and now this is their Monday-Friday morning ritual that's just too cute.



3.  After School Check In's

Kids, or maybe just my kids, are notoriously terrible at checking in.  With middle school and after school activities plus wanting to walk home from school, it seems like the schedule is constantly changing.  If they someone is walking home from a friend's while I'm still doing an activity drop off, I'll know that they are home and can give them a call or text to let them know our after school plan.


Now that we have a Nest Camera, I kind of want a Nest everything - thermostat, smoke detectors - I'll take it all!  

Oh, and if you're wondering how they are doing keeping the little hoodlums away, we've had one ding dong ditcher who was identified from a camera and turned in to his parents.  Nothing else since.  The dads win this round!

You can purchase a Nest Camera on Amazon, or check out this one.  Do you have an outside camera?   What has surprised you the most?

This post contains affiliate links.