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Before our daughter arrived, my husband and I had big ideas about how our lifestyle didn't need to change all that much in our post-baby world...we would still find time to go out just the two of us, we would still go to concerts and check out new restaurants, we would prioritize time together in order to be the best possible parents to our baby, we would still be cool, just with the added bonus of becoming a family of three. We vowed that we'd make it out at least two times a month, which seemed like a modest goal.

living with a baby in the city


Well, like many first time parents, WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT. We were totally clueless about how life would actually look after welcoming a baby and in the last year, we haven't made it out nearly as frequently as we planned. Luckily we have a baby who loves going to restaurants and we are often content just Grubhubbing at home with a bottle of wine on the couch so we haven't felt like we're missing out on too much. But...sometimes we long for a dinner out after 5 pm or a cocktail in an establishment that's not our living room. We also wanted to have the option for a night out without feeling the need to justify it with a special occasion or coordinating it weeks in advance with family members who were disappointed that our daughter couldn't stay up to play past her 7 pm bedtime. For all of these reasons, College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors (CNST) was exactly what we needed.

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CNST provides childcare that can be arranged weeks or even hours in advance. Qualified, available sitters are listed day by day with their hours of availability and short bios outlining their childcare experience and interests, allowing you to select someone that sounds like a good match for your child and family. All of this can be done with realtime scheduling through their easy-to-use MySittersapp. Prior to the day they're scheduled, the CNST sitter will reach out to introduce themselves, answer any questions, and learn about your child and what they can expect while babysitting.


Our daughter has experienced a bit of separation anxiety in the past few months so we are looking to establish a relationship with a couple of sitters who our daughter can get to know and who we can rely on to be our "go tos." Using the MySitters app was great because it gave me the opportunity to look at a few different dates to see which sitters had recurring availability so I could schedule the same sitter a couple of times and our daughter could become comfortable with them.

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Our first experience with CNST was great (read about it here!) so I scheduled the same sitter for a Saturday night out with my husband. Our daughter would already be asleep when our sitter arrived but if she happened to wake up while we were gone, I was comforted by the fact that she would be greeted by someone she had already met and really seemed to love. Receiving text updates from our sitter while we were out was just another nice detail that gave us peace of mind and helped us to enjoy our evening even more.


Whereas typically a night out for us required quite a bit of coordination and effort, scheduling a sitter with CNST gave us back some of the flexibility that we had taken for granted in our pre-baby life. We were able to have a great night out at one of our favorite spots not because we were celebrating an anniversary or a birthday or some significant event but just because. That and the fact that we weren't worried about making it back early for a family member to drive an hour home made it an extra carefree and fun evening for us.

how to have a date night with a baby


Of course our post-baby lifestyle has changed, in some of the most wonderful, sweet, and beautiful ways we could have never imagined a year ago. While thinking of ourselves as "cool" is seriously the last thing on my mind these days, it's nice to know that with the help of College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors, every now and then we can still go out and pretend :) 


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