It's time to gear up for school!  Homework, school projects, spelling tests - it's all coming real soon.  

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As parents, we do our best to keep the kids motivated.  To inspire them to do their best and try their best.  But have you ever wondered how your kids view you?  These parents found out.

Watching that super cute video made me wonder how my kids view my husband and me.  I decided to ask and here's what they said.

Ellie, age 9:   My mom works on her computer and does blog posts.  Whenever she has free time she helps us with our homework and life problems, takes us to dance, plays with us and gives us lots of love.  And at the end of the day she watches 'Big Brother' with us.

Daddy goes to work for us every day.  When he gets home he gives us lots of hugs and kisses and helps me finish my math homework.  On the weekends we go fun places, play mini golf and other awesome places,  He loves us very much!


Madeline, age 6:  Mommy loves us very much.  She helps us with EVERYTHING.  She's very nice and she's the best mom ever in the whole entire world.  I love her very much.

Daddy is very nice and loves us a lot and I love him, too.  He works for us and I love him because sometimes I get to go to work with him.  I love him!


It was so fun to hear their thoughts.  And nice to know they think we are working hard for them, because we are.  Every single day.  We try to inspire our kids to do their best and be their best.  It's not always easy.  The older they get it seems like their confidence rolls in like the Lake Michigan waves.  Sometimes they fell unstoppable, other times they aren't so sure of themselves.  There are two things we do as a family to try to inspire our kids to do their best.

1.  Listen

Sometimes the way to have the biggest impact is to be quiet and just listen.  It's amazing how much kids will open up about what is going on at school and with their friends.  When they're done talking you can give your advice.

2.  Run Advertisements

I read a parenting book when my oldest was about 2 that said every once in a while you should talk about your child in a positive way in front of other people.  It can be as simple as saying to your spouse, " Did you hear Ellie got 100% on her spelling test this week?" and then the other spouse can ooh and ahh.  Or telling grandparents about the new trick they mastered in tumbling.  You get the idea.


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