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The older kids get the more input they want on their own style.  Now in first and fourth grades, my girls have a lot to say about what they will (and won't!) wear to school.  Kids key in on the adult fashion trends they see around them and then make the trends their own.  While back to school shopping at DICK’s Sporting Goods ® the girls and I spotted some of the hottest trends for fall.

Kids key in on the adult fashion trends they see around them and then make the trends their own

Four fall fashion trends the girls are loving this fall are throwback style, athleisure, glitter, the messy bun with a headband and polka dots. 

1.  Throwback

Everything popular from when I was a kid is back for my kids!  I kind of remember having this same conversation with my mom when I was a kid.  Ellie found this iconic Nike Just Do It two piece outfit and neither of us could resist.  The zip up sweatshirt can be work with the sweat pant capris or the can be worn as separate pieces.  The sweatshirt looks adorable with skinny jeans and the capris are cute with just a tank or tee.


2. Athleisure

This trend is only getting more and more embedded in the everyday lives of kids and adults.  Leggings with fun prints, dry fit fabrics and bright colors all are turning the trend of wearing your workout clothes into super fun outfits!  Madeline found her Reebok outfit and went wild!


3.  Polka Dots

Prints are big for fall but none of them as on trend as polka dots!  At DICK’s Sporting Goods ® we found polka dots in the most fun places - shoes and backpacks!  Ellie's new Asics are begging to be worn to school every day and not just saved for gym class.  Shhh! Don't tell her gym teacher!


This Under Armor backpack is bright and fun.  Polka dots mixed in the tiny logos make it sporty and feminine.


4.  Sparkles

Sparkles on little girls never go out of style!  When Mads found these sparkle, glittered, light up high tops it was love at first sight.  There really is nothing else to say about these fancy shoes other than every girl on the bus and at school wants them and tells Mads so every day.

5. Messy Bun with a Headband

This look is quick and easy for girls with longer hair.  The headband keeps their hair out of their eyes for school and athletics and adds a little color to an outfit.

What fall trends are you and your kids loving?  We're excited to have a giveaway for you to kick off your fall shopping at DICK’s Sporting Goods ®!

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