The Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, Michigan, is a great place for walking trails and learning animals and plants native to Michigan.  While the ODC has programming running all year long, this is was our first summer visit and we had a great time!


Located on the outskirts of Holland, Michigan, the ODC has a visitors center filled with small live animals as well as taxadermy.  


If there is someone at the front desk and it's not very crowded, you can get a real up close look at the animals!


Madeline was surprisingly brave.  She held a turtle, touched all of the snakes and even held the bottom of a snake!


The Outdoor Discovery Center campus is gorgeous right now.  There are tons of flowers in bloom, little waterfalls and plenty of benches and observation points to take it all in.


The new Birds of Prey building opened late last fall and houses bald eagles, a golden eagle, turkey vultures and hawks.


There is an ampitheater where programs like Birds + Brews take place.  It's a bird and beer pairing from Saugatuk Brewing Company.  It sounds like a great time for nature lovers over 21!

The ODC has tons of children programming from an onsite preschool to archery and kayak classes.  You can check out the full schedule on the ODC website.


Just walking along the trails at the Outdoor Discovery Center you can tell that it was designed with kids in mind.  From little swings to giant frogs to climb, there are tons of kid activities hidden along the way.


The ODC Nature Preserve is open 365 days a year during daylight hours. The main parking lot is located at 4214 56th Street. Additional parking can be found at Fillmore Discovery Park on the preserve’s southwest corner along 142nd Avenue.

  • No fee to hike the trails or visit the outdoor exhibit areas
  • Trailheads are located at the main parking area and Fillmore Discovery Park
  • Trails are crushed stone or boardwalk and many are ADA accessible

To  plan your trip to the Outdoor Discovery Center, visit!