Threenager: noun, three year old child.  May be spotted in nature crying because they were given the colored plate they had asked for or because they wanted to go to the beach and when they got there it had sand.  


Threenagers get a bad rap and I get it.  They can be emotional, demanding and know-it-alls.  But while it's true they can be a challenge, they really are the best.  I'm on my third (and last) threenager now and while the grey hairs are increasing, I'd argue that this is really the best age.  Here's my argument...



1.  Threenagers are easily the most excited people on the planet.  You walk in the door and they come running, jump into your arms and act like you've been gone a lifetime when you just went to the end of the driveway to get the mail.

2.  Threenagers give the best hugs.  I'm talking arms around the neck, massive squeezes that you want to soak in because they don't last when they grow up.

3.  Threenagers have no filter.  At times this can be problematic, but they will give you a fresh perspective on life.  As in "mama, your tummy is sooooo squishy!!!!!" Um, thanks.  I'll hit some more barre classes this week.

4.  Threenagers always want to cheer you up.  If you're ever having a bad day and it shows on your face, you can bet your threenager will ask you what's wrong and give you a giant hug.  

5.  Everything is new to threenagers.  They are trying new activities, or going to school for the first time and it's all on great adventure.


6.  They are potty trained.  Or will be very soon.  No more diapers!!!!! That instantly boosts their awesome factor.

7.  Threenagers are becoming independent.  They can put on their own shoes or wash their own hands.  Sure, this also can backfire against you but if you're a crafty parent you can work it to your advantage.  My daughter LOVED to swiffer the floors at 3.  Ok, knock yourself out!


8.  Threenagers have passions.  Nothing can stop a threenager with an interest in a subject.  Whether they know the name of every dinosaur that ever existed or wear a princess dress every day of the week.  Whatever they are doing, you can bet they are the MOST passionate about it.


9. Threenagers brains are so cool.  They make connections that you would never expect and are learning things at rapid speed.  Their speech is getting clearer and it's always surprising what they will think of next.

10.  Threenagers are your biggest fans. They laugh at all of the dad jokes. And the grandpa jokes. They think you are the bravest/smartest/most awesome person on the planet.  Sometimes it's nice to have that reminder.


So there you have it.  Ten reasons why threenagers are the best, not the worst.  Feel free to print this list and put it on your fridge as a reminder the next time a little body is throwing a complete fit in the middle of the floor.  As they say, the days are long but the years are short.  Snuggle up those threenagers while you have them.  Have you heard what they say about 4 year olds????