When I was about young (like 10)  my dream of the perfect boy was a guy who would toss pebbles at my window and after I opened it, would serenade me with a New Kids on the Block song. That was only if all of the J's from NKOTB were already taken. Joey, Jordan or Jon would of course come first. But since I was still in elementary school and they were on world tour, I had to be realistic about things.

Fast forward about 25 years and I get a message from a friend saying they are having Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block on their show and would I like to be in the audience AND MEET HIM?  Um, YES!!!!! 


Unfortunately my concert tee from 5th grade is no longer a viable outfit option but I did find a bunch of my NKOTB pins and decorated my bag. Along with my pins, I brought my friend's Joey doll (she was on Spring Break and devastated she couldn't go) and was hoping to be the coolest friend ever and get him signed for her. 


The Joey doll was the hit of the day. He even made it on set and sat in (real) Joey's chair before the show started.  


But then real live Joey came out and everyone collectively lost their minds. This is how close we were to each other throughout the show. He is so funny and down to earth, the real life Joey McIntyre did not disappoint.  


Joey has a fun new show called Return of the Mac, debuting on Pop Wednesday, April 12th, that's a scripted comedy starring his real life family.


 Donnie Walberg and Jenny McCarthy make cameos in each episode, too, and it is funny!

After watching Chicagonista Live, I actually got to meet Joey. Ten year old me is dead right here. He is just so cute! 


And he even signed the Joey doll. What a guy! 


You can watch the whole Chicagonista Live episode and see more from the day on  ChicagonistaLive.com.  A huge thanks to Chicagonista Live for making my childhood dreams come true!  Don't forget to set your DVRs for Return of the Mac on Pop next Wednesday!