This weekend I took my best little guy to see an advance screening of Smallfoot.

Will started full day pre-K this month and I’ve been missing spending all day with the little dude.


He had been dying to see this new animated movie so this was the perfect thing to do on a Saturday. He was all smiles getting a day to mom all by himself while his sisters were at dance.


We got the biggest slushy…


got our Yeti bag and were ready to see Migo go on his adventure to find the Smallfoot.


The movie is a super cute tale about how the world around us isn’t always what it seems.


It also teaches us that no matter how much we try to protect the ones we love, being honest is always best.

small foot

I’m not sure my four year old movie partner caught on to all of the themes and lessons in this movie, but he did have a lot of laughs. And when the credits began to roll, Will proclaimed Smallfoot the best movie ever.


I have to agree, it was a great movie that took us on a fun adventure together. A great way to spend a Saturday. Smallfoot is in theaters on September 28th so you can see it then and judge for yourself.

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