Summer at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago just got a little more splashy.  The Shedd has been one of my favorite spots in the city since I was a little girl.  I remember when the Oceanarium opened and I dreamed of being in the water with the dolphins.  Then the Wild Reef opened and the experience was enhanced even more.


This past week we were invited to attend the world premier of the Splash and Bubbles: 4-D Undersea Adventure.

Splash and Bubbles is a popular show on PBS about two fishie friends and their adventures together.  The 4-D experience adds a whole new level with blowing breezes, bubbles in the air and really getting splashed with water!


All three of our kids ranging in ages 3-10 absolutely loved it!  But if you have young children who scare easily, or maybe aren't a fan of surprises, you might want to wait until they are a little older to enjoy this experience.  The 4-D experiences have a small additional charge and tickets must be purchased.


After enjoying our 12 minute movie, we went off to explore the Shedd.  This was Will's first time as a 3 year old and not an infant or toddler confined to a stroller.  He loved being able to touch everything like the cool submarine in the Polar Play Zone.


We also made it in time to see the last aquatic show of the day.  Not only did the Pacific Whitesided Dolphins impress us with their jumps but we learned how the Shedd has rescued so many different types of animals - even dogs!


We had time to pop over to see the Beluga Whales - my FAVORITE! - before Jazzin' at the Shedd started.


Jazzin' at the Shedd

Jazzin' at the Shedd is a late night event with food and drinks that happens from 5pm-10pm on Wednesdays over the summer.  While there are tons of couples and groups of friends, it is family friendly and the night caps off with fireworks over the lake.  You can even arrange to go out on a boat to see the fireworks on the lake.  


The sunset over the skyline doesn't get better than this!  Jazz musicians are set up outside and inside providing a great backdrop for enjoying all of the different species at the Shedd or just taking in the view from the terrace.

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Members get in to the event for free and there is a "Members Only" lounge with complimentary food and drinks.  Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door. There are food stations and bars set up throughout the aquarium.  We had shrimp po' boys and they were AMAZING!


The kids loved the extra time soaking in all of the aquarium exhibits. 


Madeline was proud to be the only kid in our family to touch a sturgeon, even if she had a little help from a staff member.  


Our family just had the best afternoon and evening.  And we even made it to the fireworks that started at 9:30 pm!


It really was the perfect family night in the city.


Thanks to the Shedd Aquarium for inviting us to the premier of their new 4-D movie and to Jazzin' at the Shedd.  We are definitely coming back again before summer is over!  To plan your trip, visit!


While the Shedd provided us complimentary passes to the movie and Jazzin' at the Shedd, all opinions are honest and our own.