This post is in partnership with  MyEyeDr.

This post is in partnership with MyEyeDr.

The sun is shining and the temps are rising.  A fun and easy way to update your look is with new sunglasses.  And since Mother's Day is coming up, now is the perfect time to treat yourself or gift a pair to the mom you love!  When it's time to find sunglasses, MyEyeDr. is the place to shop.


Betsy and I were planning a girls trip to celebrate Mother's Day and stopped in to MyEyeDr. to find the perfect road trip sunglasses.  Shopping for sunglasses can be a little overwhelming because there are just so many choices.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect pair of sunnies.

Ask the Experts

When we walked into the Wicker Park MyEyeDr., their staff had pulled a selection of sunglasses for us to try and were with us giving advice every step of the way.  


From the shape of your face to how large the lenses should be, there is a lot to take into consideration when trying to find the perfect sunglasses.  Having a style consultant by your side to give objective opinions is invaluable.  

Keep Trends in Mind

Sunglasses are like any other accessory.  Styles become trendy or go out of fashion every year.  Don't live and die by the trends but if you are investing in designer sunglasses, you may want to pick something that will be in style for a while.  


Two trends you'll see this spring and summer are mirrored lenses and double or cut out frames.  Mirrored lenses have been around forever but this summer they are really taking off.  Not just silver, there are now a rainbow of colors you can find mirrored lenses in.  

The cutout frames have been popping up the last few years but this summer they are exploding.  It can be an updated take on a classic aviator that just gives an extra punch of style.

Try Something New

Do you seem to always gravitate towards the same style of sunglasses?  Mix it up!  You literally don't know how sunglasses are going to look until you put them on.  Play around and have fun.  


These all black Dragon sunglasses looked a little like the Terminator when they were sitting in the case but they were the lightest, most comfortable sunglasses I've ever had on.  And they actually float!  So if they fall off while you're doing the stand up paddle board, you don't have to worry about them sinking to the bottom of Lake Michigan and never seeing them again.  


Purple frames were also out of my comfort zone, but once I put them on I fell in love.  You really don't know what you're going to love until you have them on.

Look at Every Angle

Once you have narrowed down your favorites to just a few - if you're like us, this could take a while - you'll want to check out how your sunglasses look from every angle.


Take a look at the side view, even put your hair up and see how your sunnies will look.  If you have a friend with you, you can even have them snap a few pics so you really can see how the sunglasses look from all sides. 


Make Your Final Decision

After weighing ALL of the options and trying on just about every pair, Betsy and I both decided on Dragon sunglasses with mirrored lenses, pictured below.


Dragon was a new brand to us, but we loved the versatility of the styles and how they just matched everything.  We can picture ourselves laying on the beach in them, heading out to dinner and doing the school carpool in these glasses.  Betsy's glasses are even the type that float which is perfect for when she spends time on the lake over the summer.


If you can't decide on just one pair, MyEyeDr. lets you get a second complete pair of sunglasses for $199!  That's just too good to pass up!

MyEyeDr. never disappoints.  The quality of the products they carry is wonderful and we just love the friendly and helpful staff.  At this point, going in to MyEyeDr. is like catching up with friends.


Now that we have the perfect sunglasses, we are ready to hit the road and head off to Michigan for a relaxing girls trip!  Stay tuned!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in partnership with MyEyeDr.  All opinions are honest and our own.