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Mommy Style: The Crossbody Bag

My birthday is in a week and on the top of my list is a Crossbody bag. I have realized over the past 2 years that a crossbody bag is essential for a busy mom that is always on the go! I love a cute tote bag but it often gets in the way when I am also carry two jackets, a much needed coffee and whatever else they give me! I ditched the diaper bag awhile ago but still need something that can hold all my kids "stuff"! It is hard to narrow down my list to just one crossbody bag! I thought I would share some of my favorites I have come across.  

cross body bags1. Petal To The Metal Natasha 2. Key-Per Crossbody Bag 3. Highgate 4. Flicker Scout 5. Bedford 6. Preppy Nylon Sasha 7. Tano Crossboy Bag  8. Jules Crossbody Bag 9. 3 Zip Rocker Crossbody 10. Layne Crossbody Bag 11. Braided Crossbody Bag 12. Messenger Bag

What is your favorite handbag?