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Cool Finds Under $35 For Boys & Girls!

It has been awhile since we have brought you some of our cool finds! We love finding items for kids that are perfect for gift giving that won't break the bank! It is always good to have some cool gifts on hand for Birthday parties. I hate finding myself at Target minutes before a party! Finding cool shoes for kids under $35 is always a score in our book!

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What are your "go to" birthday gifts for kids?



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best of spring: kids shorts

We have been blessed with some wonderful weather in Chicago the past few days & it is defintely getting us in the mood to ditch our long pants for some cool shorts! We rounded up our favorite kids shorts that will be perfect if you are heading out on Spring Break or just playing at the park.

kids shorts1. Five Pocket Jean Shorts 2. Chino Shorts 3. Favorite Striped Shorts 4. Nautical Check Shorts 5. Skate Print Sweatshort

6.Navy Stripe Shorts 7. Plaid patchwork shorts 8. Herringbone Shorts 9. Sailing Shorts

10. Printed Check Cargo Shorts 11. Camo Shorts 12. Volleyball Shorts

kids shorts

1. Tea Collection Batik Shorts    2. Pull-on Baby Gap Shorts   3. Mini Boden Heart Pocket Shorts   4. 77 Kids Ruffled Printed Shorts   5. Zara Denim Scarf Belt Shorts    6. Janie & Jack Pleated Dot Shorts    7. Crewcut Kids Chino Fanfare Short    8. Gap Kids Cuffed Bermudas   9. Poplin Pumpkin Patch Kids Shorts    10. Crewcut Kids Oxford Short    11. Old Navy Patchwork Bermudas    12. Crewcut Kids Chino Ruffled Shorts

What kids shorts are you loving?


Made In The Shade!

Are you gearing up for spring break? A few weeks ago we shared with you our favorite swimsuits for boys, girls, Rash Guards, casual sandals, essentials for the beach and cool finds for the little Jetsetter! We spend a lot of time out in the sun with our kids in the spring & summer and always want to make sure that their eyes and skin are protected! We gathered up our favorite shades and hats for kids!  

kids sunglasses

1. Fishermen Hats  2. Jeweled Sunglasses  3. Reversible Bucket Hat  4. Trucker Hat   5. Shiny Sunglasses   6. Beauty Sunglasses

 7. Retro Sunglasses  8. Straw Hat  9. Straw Ribbon Fedora  10. Aviator Sunglasses  11. Wide Brim Hat  12. Ploarized Sunglasses

13. City Pop Cap  14. Straw Sun Hat  15. Flag Print Hat


Boys Swimwear

If you have walked into a mall lately than you have probably noticed the swimwear departments popping up! It personally makes me cringe at the thought of putting on a swimsuit. I do love seeing the bright and bold colors and  have fun to shopping for my kids swimwear each year! If you are heading on a spring break vacation than we are  sure you have swimsuits on your "to buy" list! Here are some of our favorite for boys!  

boys swimwear

1. Patchwork Swim Trunks  2. Mosaic Board Shorts  3. Electric Beach Trunks  4. Tiki Board Swim Trunks  5. Floral Print Surf Shorts  6. Riva Boat Swim Trunks  7. O Bloom Boardshorts  8. Turtle Swim Trunks  9. Surf Camp Board shorts  10. Surf Shorts  11. Cherry Bomb Board Shorts