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12 cool gifts for Easter

When it comes the Easter Bunny filling our kids Easter baskets, we prefer as little candy as possible. Every year it seems that my kids get Easter candy from everyone in the family. They actually don't even end up eating much of the candy and I end up tossing it out.  I like to give them small toys, gifts to get ready for spring, arts & crafts and things they will love! I try to keep the gifts under $25. Bashful Beige Bunny  personalized flip flop Taffy Gel Pens  Peeps Giant Bubbles Wand    Ridley's Red YoYo  Deluxe Surprize Easter Ball                        sports snap watch  Pony Tails cloth book  Robot Magnetic Figurines   Cheetah Chic Goggles   Mess Free Glitter Stickers Retro Sunglasses

Easter is only a few weeks away! Time to start planning what to put in your kids Easter baskets.

What do you put in your kids Easter baskets?