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Ready for Baby: What's in your hospital bag?

What to pack in your hospital bag is always a big discussion towards the end of pregnancy.  The first time I was pregnant I packed the entire condo in my hospital bag.  I brought it all - nursing pillows, the works.  For baby #2 things were simplified but without a smart phone, I lugged the laptop, digital camera and all that went with it.  I left out the nursing pads and ruined my adorable pj's because I did remember the cracked nipple ointment and left grease stains in very unfortunate places. Now I've got it down.  So when people ask what's in my hospital bag, here is my answer.

what to pack in your hospital bag

Nursing bras are a must for the hospital if you plan on breastfeeding.  My all time favorite nursing bras are from Bravado Designs.  The Original Nursing Bras have been a staple for me in the past but I'm also excited to add in the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and the Essential Nursing Tank.

Nursing pads and nipple cream.  Get a head start on this.  If you wait until  you get home it's too late.  Breastfeeding is really hard and then gets really easy.  Be prepared.

Smartphone and chargers for you and your husband.  Have your labor playlist loaded and ready to go then take pics and video of the new baby and instantly share the good news.  But don't forget the chargers!

Comfortable slippers are so important, especially when roaming the halls in the middle of the night to try to get labor progressing like a zombie.  I may have some past experience with this.

Comfortable loungewear for you and baby.  I love this Olian set that has 3 piece pajamas for mom and that a matching newborn gown and hat for baby.  My mom gave me the set as a gift at my sprinkle a few weeks ago.  Hospital gowns are great for delivery but once you're in the recovery room you'll want to look and feel good for pictures and visitors.  This set is functional and comfortable.

Bring your toiletries, including makeup, hair dryer, straightener, etc.  Taking a shower, fixing my hair and putting on a little makeup is about the only thing that made me feel human after giving birth.

Lastly, coming home outfits for baby and mom.  My sister always gets the coming home outfits and for our soon to be born little guy, she found the cutest ensemble from Purebaby.  For me, I'm packing maternity jeans and a cute top but also yoga pants in case I'm swollen/bloated from delivery.  After my first delivery I could barely put back on my maternity jeans when I left the hospital.  It was awful.  Also, feet can swell like crazy from the fluid so be sure to bring loose and comfy shoes!

So I think that's it.  Other than my iPhone and charger, my bag is packed and ready to go.  I'll be 39 weeks on Wednesday and can't wait to meet this little guy!

What's in your hospital bag?