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family style: the b sisters

The B Sisters are three girls - 1, 4 and almost 6 - with similar features but very different personalities.  For their Fall family photo shoot,  mom Amy wanted coordinating looks that would compliment their outdoor photo shoot in the woods.

1.. 2., 3.

4., 5., 6., 7.

8., 9., 10, 11.

Amy had already purchased the denim skirt for Isabel and we were easily able to incorporated that into the looks with a chunky sweater, knit hat and sherpa boots.  Big sister Olivia will have a floral print corduroy dress with a frilly headband and fringe moccasins.  Anna, the baby of the family, gets a plum colored corduroy dress with coordinating knit scarf, patterned tights and mary janes.

The three looks are balanced and coordinated yet each sister's outfit stands alone.  The B Sisters are ready to rock their shoot!

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