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Darling Clementine Bynto Boxes {TLSF Mother’s Day Pin-Away}

Packing kids lunches can be challenging in a few different ways, making sure they will get a nutrional lunch at school when you are not around and that it is easy to pack. The Goodbyn bynto lunch box from Darling Clememetine is a fun way to pack your kids lunch! We have heard many adults love them too! Their is something cool about a lunch packed up in a bynto box. The Goodbyn Bynto Kit utilizes three compartments to keep kids’ lunches from spilling, sloshing or mixing. It is also made of 100% FDA approved materials and is dishwasher safe. Goodbyn Bynto does away with wasteful plastic bags and drink boxes! Included in TLSF Really BIG Mother’s Day Pin-Away is a Goodbyn Bynto lunch box from Darling Clementine!

To learn more about TLSF Really BIG Mother’s Day Pin-Away starting April 23rd, click HERE. If you need an invite to Pinterest, please let us know!

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