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DIY Heart T-Shirt

I love hearts… do you? Of course Valentines Day brings us hearts but just the same, I love hearts any time of year. As an accessory designer, I am always coming up with new and creative ways to add the special details. I decided this year I would focus more on sharing some fun up cycled fashion and diy accessories with you.  First off… this adorable heart t. Everyone loves a little white t right? I had the idea to use a fun fabric, cut out a heart and stitch it with a bright neon yarn. It looks constructed, whimsy and not to mention adorable stretched over a baby belly.



Here is what you will need to make this sweet mini t. I went to Hobby Lobby grabbed a basket and threw in a white & pink t, a neon colored yarn, yarn needle, a cute cotton fabric, and a fun metallic trim for the headband. PS. the tie dye neon leggings are from Walmart and the floral frame is something new in my shop.


For this next step you will need to take your fabric and fold it in half. Then I used chalk to draw a half heart shape on the fabric to then cut out.


Once your heart is cut out, you will place it on the front of the t. I angled mine just a bit, but you can choose if you like it straight on better.


You will then thread your needle and begin stitching the heart down to the shirt.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just stitch in and out all the way around the heart until you get back around to the start of the stitching.

Turn the t inside out and tie the string in a triple knot. Once you do that, flip the t back to the front and you are almost done.

A few helpful tips:

-Take some fraying jell and go over the edges of the fabric to keep it in tack.

-Pre- wash the fabric and iron it using a scotch guard spray to tighten up the fibers.

-After completing, make sure to wash it inside out.



1 Comment