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There could not be a more timely post for today than warm, cozy winter hats for kids.  It appears the switch has flipped, there are snowflakes on the 7 day forecast and the cold is coming - ready or not! Just in time, here are The Little Style File's favorite winter hats for kids.  Punk to preppy, these warm hats will keep your kids looking cool at the bus stop, park or during their next snowball fight.

kids hats

1. Appaman Amanda Hat $36.00

2. KT and The Squid girls newsboy hat $22.99

3. Baby Bella Donna Earflap Hat $10.00

4. Bit' Z Kids Flower Trapper Hat $22.40

5. Gap Sweet Treat Hat $24.95

6.  Gap Kids Faux Fur Trapper Hat $19.95

7. H&M Cap $7.95

8. Gap Soft Flower Hat $16.95

9. Zara Polka Dot Hat with Pom Pom $16.90

10. Monarch Dancer Bear Hat $25.00

kids hats1. 77kids Bandit Beanie $16.50

2.  Next Stripe Trapper Hat $12.oo

3. Appaman Knock Hat $36.00

4. Old Navy Dog Trapper Hat $19.94

5.  Gap Kids Striped Cableknit Beanie $14.95

6.  Crewcuts Skull-and-Crossbone Cap $22.50

7. Zara Cable Stitch Hat $12.90

8.  Crewcuts Boys Cotton Trapper Hat $34.50

9. Gap Cozy Raccoon Hat $19.95

Are you still shopping for cold weather accessories?  What are your favorite winter hats for kids?

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