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Cool Finds Under $25

It's time for another edition of Cool Finds!  This time we are keeping everything under $25 and have great gadgets to make life easier and gifts the babies and kids you buy for will love.

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1. Siliskin 6 oz Glasses $25.95  So these are $0.95 over but my girls used these at a play date and they were fantastic.  They come in a set of four, are easy to grip and glass so BPA free.  A great transition from sippy to glass.

2.  Matryoshka Dolls $6-$25  There is something so charming about a Matryoshka Doll.  These stuffed versions made by Etsy seller Micasita House come in different patterns and sizes, you will want to collect them all.

3.  Angel Dear Blankies $13.00  A go to new baby gift, these soft and breathable blankets are perfect for an infant to cuddle.  Some boutiques will personalize for you.  Be sure to give a spare, if lost there will be many tears shed!

4. Baxies $4.95  A brilliant invention, Baxies are stylish earring backs that serve as replacements as well as a fun accessory.

5. Mee A Bee $20 These messenger bags for boys are super stylish with fun patterns and are the perfect size for your little guy.

6. Le Bibble $9.95 Not a scrunchie, Le Bibble is a fun and functional way to keep bottles from leaking and dribbling all over you and your baby.

7. Rainbow In My Room $19.99  Our kids go crazy for Rainbow in My Room!  It gets them excited for bed and the battery operated rainbow with automatic shut off keeps them happy until the drift off to dreamland.

8. Pretty Little Things $10 How darling are these little pony holders?  Sweet and simple, they are a cute addition to any little updo.

9. Knot Genie $19.99 If you have a child with long or curly hair you must get a Knot Genie now.  Seriously, click the link and go.  The bristles of this magic brush resemble Plinko from The Price Is Right and I have no idea how it works but it is amazing.

Have a cool find you would like to share?  Leave a comment or email us at!

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