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Party Style:  Spa Birthday Party


Party Style: Spa Birthday Party

For her fifth birthday, my daughter, Madeline, wanted to be pampered.  After much deliberation, she decided on a Spa Party and it was a huge success!  Here's what we spa party ideas

After searching for the perfect invitation and paper goods I decided to purchase a 'digital paper set' from Etsy and used the patterned paper to make all of my own invitations, signs, banners and labels.  It was fun and easy and I was able to make everything just how the birthday girl wanted.

spa birthday party

What are the must haves for a Spa Party at home?  Why robes, flip flops and headbands of course!  Each girl had a hanger with their name that had their robe, flip flops in their size, a coordinating headband and their schedule of spa services.

home spa birthday party

We also made a bag for each guest to bring home their accessories and body scrub that they would make at the party.  We cleaned out our front hall closet and turned it into the Spa Check-In.  We ate first and then the girls put on their robes and were ready to be pampered!

spa birthday party

how to host a spa birthday party at home

how to plan a spa birthday party

spa birthday party at home

Before the party day, I made a schedule for every girl that outlined the party.  We had three stations - nails, hair tinsel and make your own body scrub.  Our den transformed into the Lounge where the girls watched Sophia Grace and Rosie's new Royal movie and relaxed.  The schedules were really important to keep the girls and the party on track.  I didn't want anyone waiting too long or our wonderful party helpers (thanks Mom, Lauren, Michele and Meghan!) to get overwhelmed by a flood of girls.  This way everyone knew what to expect, there were no tears and each girl made it to every station.

The girls loved making their own body scrub.  Using Raw Sugar, regular sugar, honey, vanilla extract and olive oil, they created a scrub that will leave their skin super smooth in the shower.  Using the digital papers, I created personalized labels on Ball jars and the girls loved it!  Full recipe can be found here.

how to make body scrub

how to make body scrub for kids

Have you heard of hair tinsel?  It's all the rage with the elementary school set.  You simply tie knots to put little streamers in their hair.  Depending on how securely you tie them in, they can last a day or weeks.  Hair Tinsel can be washed, dried and styled just like normal hair.  Ours was ordered from Etsy in a variety of colors and the girls had a difficult time deciding which ones to pick!  For more info on Hair Tinsel, check out this tutorial.

hair tinsel

The last station was nails.  The girls wore flip flops to minimize drops of hot pink on our wood floors.  Tables were covered in party colored table clothes to keep the furniture looking it's best.  Did you know there is a quick dry spray?  That really sped up the process!

salon party at home

What's a spa day without chilled cucumbers to relax the eyes?  This could be my favorite party pic ever!

kids spa party at home

Each and every girl had a fantastic time.  Could they be any cuter?!?!

girls spa party

Madeline picked her favorite cake, the ice cream kind, and after she blew out the pink glittery 5 candle, her friends surrounded her and you could just see the love they have for each other.  So, so cream cake

As all super fun parties seem to do, this one ended with a dance party in the Lounge.  When the parents came to collect their pampered children, all the girls could talk about was how this was the best party ever.  I happen to agree.

spa party

Happy Birthday to my sweet Madeline Claire.  You make everyday brighter and we are so lucky to be a part of your life.

birthday girl

Shop the Party:  Girls' Robes -, Flip Flops - Old Navy, Headbands - Kately B, Hair Tinsel - Zara Beauty, Digital Papers - Etsy, Birthday Girl's Outfit - Gymboree, Colored Picture Frames - Target, Party Printables made with

Also a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Little Style File!  TLSF turned THREE last Saturday!  Thanks for your support over these last years, we look forward to bringing you many more years of the best in family trends.