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Strawberry Birthday Party


Strawberry Birthday Party

I’m excited to share with you this adorable Strawberry Birthday Party that I planned last weekend.  My client's last name is Berry and she picked this cute theme to go along with her daughters 1st birthday party. It is a super sweet party for a little girl!
Strawberry Birthday Party | The Little Style File
Strawberry Birthday Party | The Little Style File
For this Strawberry birthday party I thought I would make a homemade scrap banner. I have made many banners  and I have to say this scrap banner is my favorite. I love how it fills the back ground with texture and dimension. It is also great because there doesn't have to be any measuring and or sewing. That's right, NO SEWING and it only takes 3 STEPS. This little project is a great addition to any birthday party.
Scrap Banner Tutorial | The Little Style File
Here is a tutorial of this quick and easy scrap fabric banner:
  • Double sided fabric
  • String or thin ribbon
  • Scissors

You will want double sided fabric.  Most fabrics come with a print on one side and white on the other. This is fine if this is what you are going for, but I personally like my fabric to be the same on both sides. For the banner you see above I chose 6 different prints and I purchased a half a yard of each print.

STEP 1: Cut slits into the fabric. Using your hands, tear off each strip of fabric. I cut my strips about 2 inches each. This is what is so great is you don't have to be perfect, and all the sizes can be different.

STEP 2: Loop the fabric strip over your string.
STEP 3: Pull the two ends through the loop and pull tight!
Scrap Banner Tutorial | The Little Style File
You can check out more pictures and get details of the Strawberry Birthday Party here.


DIY: Cupcake Liner Flower

I mentioned in the Princess Baking Party post that I fell in love with the One Charming Party cupcake liner flowers. I took inspiration from those and decided to create my own version. I purchased adorable Martha Stewart Gingham cupcake liners at Michael's, small doilies at my local grocery store, a bag of buttons and Elmer's Glue.

I put a little drop of glue in the liner and folded it in half.

I folded the liner again. This makes it look like a flower petal.

I created four petals. I then put a little glue on the back of each petal and arranged them on the Doily.

Once I was done gluing the petals to the Doily, I sewed a button on. I then stitched the button right on to the paper chef hat!

It was an easy & inexpensive project, just took some time to make 14! The girls all loved them and they were a perfect compliment to their pink aprons.



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Balloon Wreath Tutorial

There are so many times I pin something on Pinterest, think what a great project it would be in my spare time and then never look at it again.  This was not one of those times. A colorful wreath popped up in my 'Pinners I Follow' section and I had to get a closer look.  It turns out that this entire wreath was made out of balloons!  It looked complicated and time consuming, but when I followed the link to check out how to make it, I learned that you only need a plain straw wreath, balloons and pins.  Sounds easy enough!  Here is a more detailed tutorial on how to make a balloon wreath for your next event.


Supplies for a 14" Wreath:

1 Straw Wreath, 14 inches.  LEAVE IN PLASTIC!

400  5" ballons in theme colors

400 floral pins or straight pins

optional: scrapbook paper & ribbon



1.  Fill your DVR with your favorite shows.

2.  Grab your favorite beverage, my suggestion would be a nice glass of red.

3.  Lay out supplies.

4.  Take a balloon, push pin through the balloon and into the wreath.

5.  Repeat Step 4, 400 times.

6.  If you would like to add ribbon with an initial, name or design, pin it on to the front top of the wreath before pinning on balloons.

7.  Continue pinning until the entire wreath is covered and there are no gaps.  To be sure, hang the wreath and examine from all angles.

Ellie just had a Magic Party with the colors black, white and pink.  Here is the balloon wreath I made in progress: balloon wreath tutorial

balloon wreath tutorial

Final balloon wreath:

balloon wreath tutorial

balloon wreath tutorial

balloon wreath tutorial

Total project time was about four hours and I did it all while catching up on my favorite shows.  You could create a bunch of mini balloon wreaths for table centerpieces or hang photos in the middle for a photo wall.  The possibilities are endless!

Are you on Pinterest?  You can follow The Little Style File here and we would love to follow you back!  If you have a great Pinterest creation, share it on our Facebook wall!

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Popsicle Buffet

Who says popsicles are just for kids?  This popsicle buffet will have apple and watermelon popsicles for the kidlets and pina colada and blue lagoon popsicles for the over 21 crowd.  {they are color coded just to be safe!}
All of the ingredients to make the popsicles.
Popsicle Buffet
A lot of popsicle molds to fill!
Popsicle Buffet
Love the Blue Lagoon Popsicles!
Popsicle Buffet for grown ups
Filling up the popsicle molds.  It goes surprisingly fast!
how to make a popsicle buffet
Putting the caps on the popsicles.
One day left 'til the big party!
And if you're looking for some popsicle molds, I know where you can find a few dozen after Sunday!
Have you tried a popsicles at your summer party?