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Nautical Twin Boys Room!

Here’s a twin boys room with a little twist of a classic that uses a bold accent color of orange and surrounds itself with a pleasing navy and white to anchor the room.  The challenge here is to design a room for twins, which will make both of them happy! There is no rule that states you need to decorate your twins room with identical bedding.   Yes, it does make it easier to just make everything identical; but sometimes it can be more fun having them get involved when designing their room.  When taking on this challenge keep in mind that the room should still look cohesive even when the styles and designs are not.  This can be achieved by using complementary colors or coordinating the bedding (even when they are not an exact match).

Overall the room I have put together is a nautical theme, but if you look deeper one bedding has an animal theme and the other is influenced by transportation.  Together they make a great adventurous room for twin boys to continue to grow and nourish their individuality in a shared space.

Twin Boys Room - Nautical Boys Room

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What are your tips for decorating a shared bedroom?