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5 Cool Ways to Reuse Old Baby Things

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5 Cool Ways to Reuse Old Baby Things

Babies grow fast.  Super fast.  Things you couldn't live without last month now sit in a closet or basement collecting dust.  Not anymore!  Today we're showing you five cool ways to reuse old baby things.  Here we go!


1.  The Boppy Pillow.  Every mom gets a Boppy nursing pillow it seems.  But when you're done nursing or using it for the baby to lounge, what do you do with this horseshoe shaped pillow?  Chicago area mom, Nikki Ricks created Love Bop, a slipcover for unused Boppy pillows.  boppy upcycle

The heart cover is gender neutral and great in a nursery, kids' room or playroom.


2.  Baby Food Jars.  Save those glass jars from all of that baby food your little cutie is devouring for their first birthday party.  You can turn them into adorable containers for first birthday favors or, like Make Life Lovely did, turn them into Mini Cakes!

ways to reuse glass baby food jars

Check out Make Life Lovely for tutorials on how to upcycle baby food jars.


3.  Baby Clothes.  If you're like me you can look at a baby outfit and remember where you bought it and where they wore it.  Jelly Bean Quilts takes old baby clothes and turns them into tooth fairy pillows and quilts of all sizes.

upcycle baby clothes into a quilt

Jelly Bean Quilts will tell you the number of items you need for each piece and then you can select the size you would like.  It makes a great keepsake for children or their parents.


4.  Crib.  Instead of sticking the crib in the basement never to be seen again, upcycle it into something fabulous!  We love this project from the Frosted Gardner who took an end of the crib and turned it into a chalkboard message center.

upcycle crib ideas

It's hardly recognizable as a crib!  There are tons of other awesome ideas like turning the crib into a desk or a chalkboard easel.


5. Crib Mattress.  A crib mattress is the perfect size to transform into a reading nook!  Under a canopy or in the corner of a bedroom with fun pillows and blankets, a plain old crib mattress is completely transformed.  Mrs. Lawler's Lovelies did a super cute job in her daughter's room.crib mattress into reading nook

Share your great upcycle ideas in the comments below!

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