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Family Style: Mom 4 Ways

Today we're going to do a little demonstration for the moms.  The moms who carefully plan out outfits for everyone else in the family and then at the last second throw something together for themselves.  Today we're showing you how your outfit is just as important as every other member of the family. All of the below Style Boards are the same except for Mom's top.  And in one case she has a dress so the jeans are removed.  Take a look at how different each Style Board looks as mom's outfit changes.

In the first outfit, a "coatigan" in navy and red brings out the darker tones in the whole family.  Adding a large print balances out the smaller prints and really creates a playful yet sophisticated style 4

The mod houndstooth dress for mom pairs well with every possible photo combination of family members.  It's flattering cut would look great on any body type!mom style 3

Sometimes moms like to keep it simple.  That's great, too.  This zipper detail ivory top looks classic and chic.  It lights and brightens the darker reds and navies.  The outfit is simple, but will look timeless in years to style 2 In the last Style Board mom is wearing a tonal print sweater.  Its a fun print that really brings out the red and is perfect for holiday card photos.  It's casual style would be a fun outdoor photo style 1


So there you can see just how big of an impact Mom has on family photos.  Which is your favorite?


These are boards for an actual styling client.  For your own styled looks for an upcoming event or photo session, send an email to

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Family Style:  The World of Ralph Lauren


Family Style: The World of Ralph Lauren

Growing up, I loved the "World of Ralph Lauren" commercials.  Everyone was smiling and happy, wearing gorgeous clothes.  After watching the commercial - remember when we watched commercials?! - my sister and I would say "I want to live in the world of Ralph Lauren."  And after 8 years of family pictures where we have mixed and matched designers for our family, this session we went full out Ralph Lauren.

All too often we hear "stay away from prints!' when planning outfits for family pictures.  We say the opposite.  We say the more prints the better!  The key to mixing prints for family pictures is layering.  Textures with small prints, medium prints and large prints to scale with the size of the person can make for stunning photos.  Here was our inspiration board for this photo shoot.

The ribbon on the pink dress coordinates with the green striped dress.  The white lace dress works as a neutral but also adds a layer of texture and dimension.  The blues in the guys' shirts highlights the blues in the girls' stripes.  For the boys shirts I did shop in person.  I brought the belt with me to make sure colors were a good compliment.  When planning outfits, you'll want to make sure all family members outfits look great together.  In this set, you can mix and match any parents and children and have a great combo.

Here is the result:

Ralph Lauren

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I just love how these pictures turned out.  Every combination of family members' outfits look great together.  You would never know we had to cross a muddy river with children on our backs to get to the garden that was under construction.  It was a little tricky to get to the World of Ralph Lauren, but it was totally worth it!  The colors look amazing and the prints just make the images pop.

Just to keep score, in these photos we have horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, plaid, solid and solid colored lace.  With thoughtful planning, the prints compliment each other and don't compete.

What do you think?  Do you mix prints?

Photo Session Details

Styling:  TLSF Styling Services

Photographer:  Gina Cristine Photography

Clothing:  Ralph Lauren

Location:  Museum of Science and Industry, Japanese Garden in Chicago

Need hel styling your family for photos?  Contact TLSF Styling Services at to learn more about virtual styling.