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Chasing Fireflies | Wishcraft

It's so much fun having two little girls at Halloween.  When Ellie was a baby she was a lamb, then a pink poodle.  Their first Halloween they were a bumble bee and a flower.  Then a mermaid and a crab, a unicorn and a pink pony, a grey cat and a pink flamingo.  Well, last year didn't exactly coordinate but still, sweet little costumes. This year?  This year they want to be something spooky.  After pouring over the Chasing Fireflies Wishcraft catalog what seemed like a million times, my sweet little girls finally picked their creepy costumes.  This year I'm the proud mother to a witch and a bat.

Not just any witch and bat.  A Spooky Stripes Witch and a Bat Fairy.  They examined their choices in accessories and chose wisely.  A black choker, perfect coordinating broom.  Bat gloves and a pet bat complete the ensemble.

Chasing Fireflies costume

My little Spooky Stripes Witch has perfected her, "I'll get you, my pretty!" complete with sinister laugh.

Polka Dot Witch Costume

chasing fireflies polka dot witch

The Bat Fairy knew exactly what hair style would make her look complete and with a little pig tail teasing, she loved her look.

chasing fireflies bat fairy

chasing fireflies bat fairy

Finished off with a little lip gloss left over from this summer's dance recital and these two spooky sisters are ready to Trick or Treat!

The costumes are amazing quality and will live in the dress up closet for years to come!

What will your kids be for Halloween this year?

Thanks to Chasing Fireflies for providing costumes for this review.



Wishcraft | Chasing Fireflies Halloween Costumes 2013

The day we receive the first Halloween costume catalog is big in our house. We usually receive Wish Craft, filled with  Chasing Fireflies Halloween Costumes 2013 at the beginning of August and the costume planning begins! My kids go through each page very carefully, cut out their favorite costumes and paste them on to construction paper. They then have to choose their one favorite costume, which isn't easy to do! Wish Craft has the most unique and best costumes for everyone in the family, even dogs! As my kids have gotten older, I have noticed that they really gravitate towards the costumes that are what they are into at the moment. I can make suggestions but at this point they aren't listening to their mom!

Mia is 7 years old and in 2nd grade, she loves anything Monster High! The moment she saw the Draculaura costume on the Chasing Fireflies website she new that was the one for her. I tried convincing her to be something else but that wasn't going to fly.

At 4 years old, Dylan is really into Superhero's. Batman was his choice and a perfect costume for him.

Halloween has become a big Holiday in our family. The kids love everything about it. We take numerous trips to the Halloween stores, visit the pumpkin patch and have friends & family over for trick or treating. The kids are the ones that usually dress up but this year they wanted to be to be a part of the fun.

The kids adore their costumes and the best thing is they will be worn for dress up play after Halloween ends. Our past costumes are still being used on a weekly basis as they both love to dress up.

Chasing Fireflies also has amazing Halloween accessories, personalized treat bags and great decorations for the home. All of the amazing photos were taken by Peter Wynn Thompson of Thompson Wedding Photography. You can check him out on facebook.

What will your kids be this Halloween?

Disclousure: I was provided with a costumes from Chasing Fireflies for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.




Halloween Costumes with Chasing Fireflies

We received the Wishcraft Halloween costume catalog from Chasing Fireflies back at the beginning of August. My 3 year old and 6 year old spent over an hour scouring the catalog, circling and discussing their favorite costumes! Over the next week, you could find them cutting their favorite costumes out and pasting on to construction paper! They both wanted to make sure they found the perfect Halloween costume! My 6 year old had her favorites narrowed down to about 10! If you have ever received the Wishcraft catalog or visited Chasing Fireflies and checked out their Halloween costumes than you know how hard it is to make a decision on a favorite costume! I have to admit even as a parent the Wishcraft catalog gets me every time! The selection of costumes is amazing and these aren't your drugstore plastic costumes! Your little one will be the center of attention at a Halloween Party when they are wearing a costume from Chasing Fireflies! Both of my kids rounded up their favorite costumes that they have circled, cut and pasted over the last several weeks!

Mia's favorite costumes.

Dylan's favorite costumes.

Mia had the hard task to narrow down her favorite Chasing Fireflies costumes to one! This was no easy task, as I asked her to pick three favorites she found more costumes that she loved! In the end she decided on the beautiful Monarch Butterfly costume.

chasing fireflies halloween

I thought this was a perfect choice for her. I cannot say enough great things about this costume! The quality is wonderful. Most costumes we have bought in the past, have not held up well. This costume is one I know Mia will be playing dress up in after Halloween  for months to come!

chasing fireflies halloween

I love the stretch velvet bodice on top, I know this will keep her warm even if it is cold in Chicago on Halloween. She can easily throw on a pair of tights, black boots or ballet flats and she will be ready to head out for trick or treating!

chasing fireflies halloween

The monarch butterfly costume is simply beautiful and the detail on the costume is amazing! It is truly unlike any costume I have seen. Mia adores it and wishes she could wear it everyday!: I know her costume will be a stand out during Hallodween this year! To keep up to date with Chasing Fireflies like them on facebook and follow on twitter.

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was provide with Mia's costume for review. My thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.