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If you have daughters, you may have heard all about the AMAZING mermaid tails that EVERYONE has on YouTube.  My girls have been talking about mermaid tails for months.  Then their cousin got a Fin Fun Mermaid Tail and since we were all going to be together in Florida on vacation, we decided to take the plunge.  Pun intended.


While we were going to also go with the Fin Fun tails, we were able to get the Suntail Mermaid tails on Prime Day so that sealed the deal for us.  The "skin" of the mermaid tails are almost identical.  The actual mono fins are a little different.  The Fin Fun tails are more spongy than the Suntails.  The Suntails have hard plastic on the ends of the fins and then where your feet go in is more like a scuba suit.  But either way, they make for amazing photos on the Gulf coast!


Pictured from left to right is the Fin Fun tail, Suntail and Suntail. Make sure your mermaid practices with just the monofin first to get used to the feeling of it. Then add the tail.


The girls tried using their tails in the gulf, but decided they work much better in the pool.  It's amazing at how fast they go with their dolphin kicks!  Madeline is the weakest swimmer of the three and by the end she could keep up well with the older girls.


If you are looking to purchase mermaid tails, the Fin Fun and Suntails are available for Prime on Amazon!  Do your kids have mermaid tails?