There is exactly one show currently that all three of my kids will sit down and watch together. What is this magical show that will keep a four, nine and eleven year old content? Teen Titans Go!



Over the summer these little heroes made their way to the big screen. And now you can bring all of the fun home to your very own television. 

 “Teen Titans GO! to the Movies” will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack for $35.99 and DVD for $28.98. The Blu-ray Combo Pack features a Blu-ray disc with the film and special features in high definition, a DVD with the film in standard definition and a Digital version of the movie.Blu-ray special features are filled with music and fun, including the “DC Super Hero Girls: The Late Batsby” mini-movie, sing-a-longs, a hilarious look at the Teen Titans characters dubbing their favorite lines in other languages in “Teen Titans GO!: Translated” plus much more!



Teen Titans GO! to the MoviesBlu-ray Combo Pack contains the following special features:

• Lil Yachty Music Video: “Teen Titans GO! Rap”

• Sing-a-long with Silkie“DC Super Hero Girls: The Late Batsby” Mini-Movie

• Red Carpet Mayhem

• Teen Titans GO! To the Movies: WB Lot Shenanigans

• “Everything is Fake”: Exclusive song not in the movie

• “Teen Titans GO!: Translated”

• Storyboard Animatics:

o Storyboard Animatics:Time Cycles

o The Final Battle

Teen Titans GO! to the MoviesStandard Definition DVD contains the following special features:

• Storyboard Animatics:Time Cycles

• The Final Battle


Our family - yes, family, this movie is hilarious- is so excited to add Teen Titans to our movie collection. It’s one they can watch over and over and the parents don’t mind. We might even be laughing harder. 


Thanks to Warner Bros for sending us a DVD combo pack for this post. All opinions are honest and our own.