If you know me in real life or have been an avid TLSF reader than you know that swimming is very important to me.  Growing up my dad put a huge emphasis on swimming. We spent every summer either in or on the water. I was on summer swim teams, my high school swim team, received my Water Safety Instruction certification in college and taught swim lessons all through high school and college. I first enrolled my daughter in her first parent/tot swim class at 6 months. Through the years she took a lot of swim lessons. She had some good and bad experiences at swim lessons. At that point I realized a good swim teacher was the most important aspect of swim lessons. It seems like a simple thing, to find a good swim instructor but its not always possible. Especially with part time swim teachers. She is now 11 and an awesome swimmer that swims on as swim team in the summer.

big blue swim school chicago

I recently had the opportunity to meet Big Blue Swim School owner Chris DeJong. From the moment I walked into the Big Blue Swim School I knew this was the answer for parents like me who want their kids to get the most out of their swim lessons. Chris has an amazing swim resume. Which I love because he "gets it". He understands what parents are wanting to get out of their children's swim lessons.

There are 3 reasons why I would recommend Big Blue Swim School.

They hire full time swim instructors. Big Blue Swim School is the only swim-lesson provider that exclusively hires and trains full-time teachers. They also earn benefits. Big Blue is not a franchise and that allows them to invest and focus on their swim instructors.

big blue swim school

There is no registration fee! Currently if you sign up for weekly lessons you will get 6 lessons for $60!


Big Blue Swim School has built their own proprietary software platform. This allows busy parents to login to their account, track their child's progress, change a lesson time, schedule a free makeup lesson or add additional swim lessons.   

big blue swim school chicago


Big Blue also has many different swim lesson levels going on at the same time. As a parent I especially love this because both of my kids can take swim lessons at the same time. Since I have 2 kids that are 3 years a part this doesn't usually happen.

When you walk into Big Blue Swim School its warm and inviting. If you have children that are not swimming they have a custom train table, along with tables where kids can do homework, coloring etc.

big blue swim school

If you are like me, I encourage the grandparents to not give the kids anymore toys! They would benefit much more from receiving swim lessons that will prepare them for our next beach vacation or summer at the pool! You can find more about Big Blue Swim School on their site and on Facebook.

This post is sponsored by The Motherhood and Big Blue Swim School. My opinions are honest and my own.