Every Labor Day weekend, we head to our favorite place in Michigan and pretend it's still summer and that school hasn't already started.  This year we packed a whole summer's worth of Michigan into one 3 day weekend.

First, the guys got dropped off for their fishing carter and we went berry picking.  Raspberries and blackberries were still available and apple picking season is a weekend away.

The kids have never been berry picking before (I usually can't pull them away from the beach!) and they loved it.

berry picking in michigan

Will got so excited when he found the perfect berry for picking.

My mom, sister and the kids did a great job picking raspberries.  

Gorgeous and delicious!

Next we headed to the beach.  Everyone was just a little excited.

The kids tried paddle boarding.


But mostly it was just a lot of splashing and soaking up the sun.

Every Labor Day weekend in South Haven, the local grocery store gets a huge lobster delivery and we have lobster fest.  This year did not disappoint!

Freshly picked berries for dessert!

After another full day at the beach, we cooked the Lake Trout that the guys caught and had a lake to table dinner.

The Saugatuck Dune Rides were on the list for Monday.  

The dune buggies take you up and down the dunes.  Ryan said it's kind of like the Jungle Cruise at Disney World and he was totally right.

The view 350 feet above the lake is pretty spectacular!

Once you go down the big hill, you take a trip through the forest below.  The trees at the top of the dunes actually stretch all the way down.  It's pretty amazing!

Eventually our last hoorah had to end.  We returned to reality last night and the kids went of to school this morning.  It's been great, Summer.  We'll see you next year.