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Family eye exams often have two parts.  The first part is the exam itself, then there is selecting your glasses.  We recently took all five kids together for eye exams and they had a great time.  All eyes are healthy but Betsy and Ellie found out they need glasses.


You can see our adventure with MyEyeDr. in the video below.  The kids really did have a great time!

The selection of frames at MyEyeDr. is incredible.  Ellie and Betsy both started by trying on anything and everything and narrowing down their choices.  Sometimes the frames you don't expect to love can be the best fit so try to go in with an open mind.


Have fun with trying on frames!  It's really like a mini fashion show.  This is where bringing friends really comes into play.  You can get honest feedback from the people who know you best and it makes the experience a little more fun.


When you find the perfect frames, you know it.  Ellie put these on and her whole personality changed.  She loved them and couldn't stop looking at her new self in the mirror!


Betsy only needs her glasses for driving and reading so she can go a little more fun with frames since they aren't part of her all day everyday look.


The final result?  They both look amazing!  Ellie has adjusted really well to wearing glasses.  She needs them to see distance so she was sure to bring them along when we went to see Aladdin.


But really she thinks her glasses add a little extra fun to her look so she pretty much wears them all the time!


Since Betsy only needs her glasses for reading and driving, she picked a fun pair that adds a little extra to any outfit she's wearing.


You can take a look into how Ellie and Betsy are adjusting to life with glasses here...

Have you or your kids ever needed glasses? How did you adjust?


This is a sponsored post in partnership with My EyeDr.  All opinions are honest and our own.