Trolls: The Beat Goes On Season 4 just launched on Netflix and we partnered with DreamWorks for the ultimate at home watch party!

super cute trolls party

To invite our guests - some of my daughter’s most favorite friends - we made each of them a Trolls inspired t-shirt that says “Sing. Dance. Laugh. Repeat!”. These girls are all on my daughter’s dance team and they are some of the funniest kids I have ever met. When you are with this crew, the laughing is nonstop!

trolls inspired t-shirts

Now it was time to bring Trolls to our living room! We filled our house with rainbows and sweet treats. A rainbow balloon back drop and rainbow streamer table skirt really set the scene. Both are really easy to make - tutorials coming soon!

trolls season 4 party
best trolls party ideas

Trolls cupcakes (if you are a fan you know what these really are!) and multi colored treats filled our dessert table. We made chocolate dipped pretzels and “Troll Bark” which were both covered in rainbow sprinkles. Rock Candy, Sixlets and Jelly Beans rounded out the sweet treats.

how to host a trolls party

But we couldn’t forget the guests of honors! Trolls were everywhere!

trolls party

Madeline and Poppy couldn’t wait for the guests to arrive. They jumped in the photo booth to help pass the time.

trolls party

To add extra Troll flair, we created printables (available to download at the bottom of this post) and put them in white picture frames. On some we even added Poppy hair! This was easy to do by taking Troll headbands and hot gluing them to the frames.


Hug Time Bracelets were waiting for the guests. These bracelets were fun and easy to make. We ordered slap bracelets and felt flowers. Then we glued a small clear rubber band to each of the flowers and attached it to the bracelet. Super glue worked the best so we had this craft complete ahead of time.

diy hug time bracelets

The guests arrived and it was time for the real fun to start!

trolls inspired t-shirts

Since friendship is one of the continuing themes through Trolls: The Beat Goes On, the girls used sequins and poms to decorate picture frames.

trolls party crafts

Each frame turned out adorable! Pro tip: take your group photo at the beginning of your event and upload to a one hour photo place. Then have your partner or one of the other parents pick them up and the guests can go home with their framed pictures that day.

trolls party craft ideas

Next it was time to make Troll Hair! Tulle was precut and ready to go. The girls picked their favorite colored headband, tulle, flower and bow and then got to work. The Troll Hair is quick and easy to make. Just loop the tulle around the headband and pull tight. Five to six pieces of 18” tulle worked great.

DIY trolls headbands

Once the tulle is all on the headband, gather it together at the top, tie a clear rubber band around it and then tie on the bow. We used a glue gun to do the flowers at the end.

trolls party ideas

With Troll Hair and Hug Time bracelets on, the girls were ready to watch Trolls: The Beat Goes On Season 4! While they started out all comfy on the couch, that didn’t last long.

trolls season 4 watch party

In no time they were up singing and dancing along with the show.

trolls photo booth

After watching the first two episodes it was snack time. Pink lemonade in old fashioned bottles with fun straws tied with tulle made “cheers-ing” even more fun. The Cooper Cupcakes were a huge hit!

trolls party ideas

Season 4 of Trolls on Netflix is just fun as all of the others. Shows that demonstrate compassion and how to be a good friend are so important. Madeline is getting to that in between age where everyone isn’t always kind. Any reminder to put friendship first is something I can get behind.

trolls season 4

Our family is very much like Poppy in the fact that we always love a reason to have a party. But seeing these girls laughing and having fun together in the spirit of their favorite Netflix show makes it even more special.

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