This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links.

Birthday parties are my thing. At this point, with three kids I have over 20 kids birthday parties under my belt. This year, our middle daughter decided she wanted to go to the Pentatonix concert instead of have a party.

As we got closer to her birthday, I started to feel guilty. I thought what if we do a really small party with just her little dance friends? Then I thought we could make it a surprise!

cheap unicorn cake

Since we were already taking her to a fun dinner with some of our best family friends and the concert, whatever we did was going to have to be cheap. Really cheap.

how to make a unicorn cake

Unicorns are still her jam and I’ve always thought unicorn cakes were just the cutest. After calling local bakeries and getting quotes from $75-$150, I knew there had to be a better way.

DIY unicorn cake

Then I found the unicorn cake topper kit on Amazon and was so excited. It usually costs $10 but was on sale for $8 when I bought it and it was delivered the next day with Amazon Prime!

unicorn cake topper

Now I just needed a cake. I called our local grocery store and asked for a plain 10” flat iced white cake. It cost a whole $15. Now here come the super complicated directions - are you ready?

DIY unicorn cake

Step 1: Stick on the eyelashes.


Step 2: Put the horn on top of the cake.

easy DIY unicorn cake

That’s it! The $23 cake was the hit of the party! The birthday girl loved it and so did all of her little friends. They were totally fooled and kept asking who was going to eat the unicorn horn. Sorry girls, it’s not edible which makes it even more awesome because it’s reusable! Unicorn cakes all around!

easy unicorn birthday party
easy DIY unicorn cake

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn.”