Summer vacation has come to an end.  Insert super sad emoji.  But what makes you wake up smiling on those school mornings?  Thinking about your next vacation!  This past summer we had the chance to have the Universal Orlando VIP Experience and it has all of us dreaming of going back as soon as possible.  

VIP Experience at Universal Orlando

What is the VIP Experience at Universal Orlando Resort?  

The VIP Experience pairs you with an expert Universal guide to take you through the parks for the day.  Our experience was from 10 am - 4 pm and we went through both parks.  Your day is customized based on your group's wants and needs.  So a group filled with toddlers is not going to be going on thrill rides all day.  Now that you have an idea what the VIP Experience is, here are 7 reasons why you need this on your trip to Universal Orlando.

1. Lines?  What lines?

With the VIP Experience you cut the lines.  But I'm not just talking about an Express Pass, we are talking walk up the exit and right on to the front row kind of cutting the lines.  It makes doing both Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure doable in one day.  Bottom line?  It's awesome.  When the tour is done, your VIP passes work as Express Passes until the parks close.

2.  The VIP Tour Guides Know Everything

Maybe not EVERYTHING, but they can tell you everything about every ride you will go on.  It's great for younger riders so you can explain what will happen, how scary a ride is or give you the confidence to ride the ride.  Our first ride was Transformers.  It was great to know what to expect so we could decide if our three year old would be good or too scared.  They also tell you which rides are 3D/4D and might cause motion sickness if you are suceptible to that kind of thing.

VIP pass at Universal Orlando

3.  VIP Guides are your personal park GPS.

Not only do the VIP Experience Guides tell you about each ride but you are also getting a very informative tour around the parks.  This is super helpful for later when you are on your own at the parks.  If your group decides to walk past a ride, you can still get information about that ride, know it's location and general wait times.  This was really helpful because we went back to the parks another two days and knew exactly what we were doing.  It was a time and energy saver!


Madeline did a ballet dance to "Somewhere Out There" last year and had to take a pic to send to her dance teacher!  

Madeline did a ballet dance to "Somewhere Out There" last year and had to take a pic to send to her dance teacher!  

4. Lunch

During your Universal Orlando VIP Experience you also get a VIP lunch!  Cafe La Bamba is reserved only for the VIP Experience guests.  It's a full buffet filled with delicious food that will make everyone in the group happy.

lunch at Universal Orlando Resort

Steak, fish, chicken and all of the kids' faves were on the buffet along with amazing desserts.  It was great to have a relaxing meal in air conditioning to escape the Florida heat.  Plus this photo opp was just too fun!

Universal Orlando Resort VIP Experience

5.  Child Swap at its finest!

Universal Orlando has an amazing child swap set up already.  The child swap areas are close to where you get on the ride and are air conditioned, have a changing table and a tv playing the show/movie for whatever you are riding.  So when our 3 year old was too short to ride one of the Harry Potter rides, his tears quickly subsided when he went in to watch a Harry Potter movie.  Amazing, right?  But on the VIP Experience, the guides will wait in the child swap area with your kids and hold all of your bags.  This was the best perk as a family with a child who couldn't make it on every ride!

Universal Orlando VIP Experience

For Rip Ride Rocket, our guide even took a slow mo video of the ride and air dropped it to my phone.  I mean, they really are the best!

6. Special Surprises

Our guides knew so many of the ride operators and we got a few fun surprises along the way.  Like a picture in Kings Crossing with the train engineer!  You just never know what fun can happen!

Wizzarding World of Harry Potter

7.  The magic doesn't stop when the tour ends.

Your VIP passes work as Express Passes for the rest of the day and you get a 20% discount through the parks with your Express Pass.

wizzarding world of harry potter

Our Universal Orlando VIP Experience guides were the best!  They were fun, great with the kids and just so helpful.  This is a travel splurge we would totally recommend to every family going on a trip to Universal Orlando!

Universal Orlando VIP experience

A few other notes about the VIP Experience, you must have a park pass for your VIP day as well as a VIP Experience pass.  You can do Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure or both parks for 1 or 2 days.  The VIP Experience starts at $189 per person.  For more information, visit


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Disclosure:  Our family was part of the Family Forward conference at Universal Orlando.  We paid a reduced fee for our trip but all opinions are honest and our own.

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