This week American Girl invited my six year old daughter and me to the Chicago store to learn all about the new WellieWishers and what makes them special.  

The WellieWishers are a group of 5 friends that each have their own personalities and help friendships grow.  


The displays are interactive and so fun. Kids can actually go inside the playhouse and wander through little trees with games and activities.  

When it came time to select a doll, Madeline could not decide which doll to pick. It came down to Camille and Ashlyn and we needed the help of Ann, the marketing director, to make a final decision!   


After much deliberation, she picked Ashlyn to come home with us.

Ashlyn is the princess of the group who loves tea parties. She'll fit right in!

Next, we had lunch and a little party in the private dining room. Having a birthday party in the private room could be the best party ever.  


There were crowns, cake and goodie bags all around!


After lunch, we went back to look at the WellieWishers again.  There are so many sweet details, like only American Girl can do.  There are 3 larger play sets.  A table for tea...


the Playhouse...



and the theater.


While all 3 are on Madeline's list, the playhouse is at the tippy top.  There are so many little things to play with, even my 9.5 year old wants it!

Your favorite girl, ages 5-7, can dress like their dolls, too!


Clear boots are available along with five different pairs of socks so your wellies can look just like your favorite doll's.  Get your orders in now, the wellie socks are so popular many sizes are on backorder until November!

I love that the outfits are sold as two pieces so girls can get the right sizes for the top and bottom to coordinate with their dolls.



A few additional doll outfits are currently available with more promised to be on their way soon.


Madeline loved the WellieWishers charm bracelet.  You can get the bracelet and then collect all 5 charms, one for each doll.  


Madeline and I had a great day at American Girl Chicago.  The line of Wellie WIshers is a fabulous addition to American Girl filling in the gap between BItty Baby and the Truly Me and Historical dolls.


Thanks to American Girl for a great day!  All opinions are honest and my own.