The Chicago Auto Show - the largest Auto Show in the country - is happening now and I partnered with A Girls Guide to Cars for the “What Drives Her” luncheon.


This is the third year for the What Drives Her luncheon at the ChicagoAuto Show and its an afternoon to be inspired and network with other women in business and media.  Industry leaders like Jessica Petty from Hyundai, Jeneen Rippey from ZF, Edie Wines from National Automobile Dealers Association and Tania Wingfield from BorgWarner (all pictured below).


Their advice on careers in the automotive industry was so interesting. These women were pioneers and gave great advice on making your mark in male dominated industries.


#SeeHer is an initiative about how we seen women from the Association of National Advertisers. It is important to show women in powerful positions in media because only when we see her can we be her. To learn how you can get involved with #SeeHer, visit It’s amazing the advertisers, television shows and networks that have come together for this amazing cause!


My biggest takeaways from the speakers and panelists were:

  • Champion yourself but realize working on a team is not a individual sport.

  • Be confident in yourself, and always take the time to reset.

  • There is going to be a work-life balance ebb and flow, that’s okay. Plan for it.

  • The world will revolve without you. Repeat, the world will revolve without you. Sometimes circumstances happen out of your control but the projects will continue with you absent.

There was so much knowledge to gain sitting with this group of incredible women, but what I will take away most is new friends and the feeling of being uplifted by those around me.


Thanks so much to A Girls Guide to Cars for hosting me at this event and sponsoring this post. The Chicago Auto Show is happening now at McCormick Place until Monday, February 18th.