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James Patterson has written a new book for kids ages 8-12 and it's fantastic.

word of mouse

Word of Mouse tells the story of a little blue mouse who escapes from a lab and tries to reunite with his family. 

word of mouse

Written for middle grades, it shows you can find true friendship in unlikely places. Each chapter starts with some of Isaiah (the mouse)'s words to live by like "Burdens always seem lighter when there are friends to carry them."

Word of Mouse got us thinking about our words to live by.

Madeline was thinking about going to tumbling class when she wrote her words to live by.  She has been working hard to master a few skills to move up to the next level.  It's take a lot of hard work to come this far but she is an optimistic kid and knows that if she keeps working, she's got this!

Word of Mouse

I try not to put any pressure on the kids.  There seems to be enough put on them by preparing for standardized test, by their peers and by themselves.  The girls think that every test should have an A+ at the top and they become upset when they fall below their own personal standards.  My new words to live by are "If you try your best, you'll be your best!".  We don't care if they are THE best, we just want them to do THEIR best.  Their best isn't always an A or 1st place, and that's okay.  As long as they feel like they did everything possible to prepare, we are happy.  That's what we want our kids to know.

Ellie's words to live by come from a bulletin board in her music teacher's classroom.  She tells me that at the beginning of the school year, they are always counting the days until summer vacation.  So her teacher decided he needed to change their attitude.  It seems to have worked!

Word of Mouse

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