Finding a great location for a photo shoot can be a challenge.  Especially when the weather in Chicago doesn't always cooperate.  Betsy and I were thrilled to discover Workshop Chicago this summer when working on our back to school project.

Workshop Chicago started as a coworking space but has grown to be much more.  Available as a venue for parties, weddings, corporate events and photo shoots, Workshop Chicago is a loft space with a modern industrial feel.

Workshop Chicago is located in River West and has amazing views of the city.

The entire space is filled with details.  Vintage amps, a typewriter, cameras, books - we were able to easily move furniture and props around to create just the look we needed for our photo shoot.

We loved the chalkboard wall that would be perfect to greet guests at an event.

For more information on this super cool Chicago space, visit  Thanks to Workshop Chicago for letting us in to their great venue!