We live in the Chicago suburbs and about 30 minutes from Great America. If you live in the Chicago area you probably have heard of Fright Fest. My family loves going to Great America and we usually take one trip a summer to  Six Flags Great America. We have never been to Fright Fest. My kids are 8 and 11 and have been asking to go to Fright Fest for awhile now. I have heard that Fright Fest after 6 p.m. is scary. I was always worried that we would get to Fright Fest and need to leave.

fright fest great amercia

This year we decided to go on a Saturday around the time the park opened. We were able to park and get into Great America with ease which was amazing considering it was 75 degrees in October!

fright fest great amercia

Our wait time for rides was less than 15 minutes! We went on the Whizzer, Viper (backwards!!), American Eagle, Giant Drop, Condor and more!

giant drop great america

The kids had a blast going on all the rides and checking out all the Fright Fest decorations.

Fright Fest Great America
Great America


There are a few ways you can get the most out of your time and money at Great America. 1. If you want to go on as many rides as possible, arrive when the park opens. The last few times we have visited Great America we have gotten there when the park opens and been able to get on some of our favorite rides with little wait time. 2. You can't bring in your own water. I suggest buying a refillable beverage cup when you arrive. You are able to refill it all day long. There are several beverages stations that have propel and other flavored waters to keep you hydrated! 3. You can get a stamp to come back into the park. You can either leave for dinner (Gurnee has lots of restaurants) and come back before 6:00 during Fright Fest when the uprising of the dead happens! This will allow you to experience the Fright Fest at its peak hours.


Great America

Our lives have been busy lately with sports, school and work. We had an absolute best day spending time together as a family and just having fun! Now is the time to buy a Great America membership! You can enjoy Fright Fest this year and enjoy visiting Great America all next summer!


Disclosure: We were provided with complimentary tickets but my opinion is honest.



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