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Mom Style Monday: 3 Summer Hair Styles


Mom Style Monday: 3 Summer Hair Styles

In the summer, my hair styles differ quite drastically from my winter 'dos. In the winter, my hair is dry, full of static, and I usually shove it into a ponytail or keep it over my ears to stay warm. In the summer, there are so many more options and places to go that motive me to actually style my hair. Here's the thing with moms, though- many of us have chopped our lovely long locks in exchange for an easier-to-manage style. If the length of my hair is going to necessitate a 45 minute session with my blow drier, I would rather pull a Charlize Theron a la Mad Max buzz than waste my precious morning minutes in a stuffy bathroom. There are ways to fake length, whether it be permanent extensions, clip ins or flat iron styling. I loved my long hair for all of the versatility it provided- braids, complicated top knots, long beachy waves, prom girl curls (ok...maybe I don't miss those). Here are a few of my favorite looks for Summer 2015, inspired by both the runways and my personal preferences.

Long Beachy Waves

The perfect beachy wave is such an enigma- you want it to look tousled and undone, but to get it to that point, you have to put a heck of a lot of product in and have some serious skills with styling tools. Since my hair isn't long enough to really get that wind-swept look, I used clip in extensions from Irresistible Me. Since they are real hair, you can style them, wash them, even color or cut them like you would real hair. If you go the extension route, I highly recommend spending the extra money to get ones of this caliber. The set I used comes in 10 pieces in varying widths, so you can make your hair as thick as you wish. They have 12 different colors, come in lengths from 14-24 inches, and varying thickness. For this style, I clipped 3 pieces in and used a bubble curling wand, specifically the Bed Head TIGI Rock N' Roller. The trick to beachy waves is leaving out the very end of your hair- leave it straight for a relaxed look.

Braided Topknot

First of all, the topknot is the best hairstyle for second day hair, hands down. Some of my favorite style icons such as Nicole Ritchie and Rashida Jones have raised the bar with a braided topknot. Unfortunately, my hair hits just below my collarbone, so I can't get the volume they do (FYI- a wimpy topknot just looks like something growing out of your head). I grabbed my extensions again and this time clipped them in upside down to go with the flow. To make a topknot, flip your head upside down and secure a HIGH ponytail just above the crown of your head. Celeb stylist Kylee Heath recommends pulling hair up in sections, lightly teasing some and braiding the others, wrapping all around the base of the ponytail. The goal of this isn't sleek perfection- more of controlled chaos.

Crown Braid

I am still on the fence with this one- it is very appropriate for festival season, but I am not sure if I can pull it off for the carpool. Let's give it a shot! I am not about to get into the crazy french braided crown- that is too much effort. To cheat, make regular braids and pull them across. Again, I used the Irresistible Me extensions to give myself more hair to work with. I used four clip-ins and pulled my hair into two low ponytails secured tightly right behind my ears. If you don't have any texture to your hair (like me) try to build some on top with a curling wand or dry shampoo. I then pulled the braids across the front of my head and secured just above my hairline behind my ears with bobby pins. Done!

What are your thoughts? Do these look like styles you might try, or are they better suited for the glossy pages?

Disclosure: I was provided with Irresistible Me product for review purposes. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.



Mommy Style Monday: Bucket Bags!

I adore clutches and minaudières, but I am baffled by women who carry them during the daytime. How do these dainty bags hold everything you need, especially if you are the mom of little ones? Most of my clutches barely hold my phone and a lipstick, much less packs of raisins, crackers, and the odd race car.

I love when trends actually make sense. The bucket bag definitely works for my lifestyle, and I was all about hopping on the bandwagon once I saw them in the stores. As with most trends, I try not to spend much. The bucket bag I found (above) was actually under $15, AND will go with most of my outfits this summer. It holds all of the items I need, and leaves me hands free to deal with my (ACTIVE) 1 and 3 year old. It retails for $79 at Macy's right now, but I hit up Burlington Coat Factory and dug through the clearance purses to score this find. This is my best kept secret, by the way so shhhhhh- you can usually find an amazing bag at a shocking (in a good way!) price at Burlington. They have many major brands, from Betsy Johnson to Carlos Santana to Nine West to Guess, all at wallet-friendly price points. I always forget about shopping there until I am running an errand and pass by. Totally hit or miss, but it is such a thrill to find a piece you are looking for at over 80% off the department store price. (Oh, and my #OOTD t-shirt is from Sisters Marie Shop, and on sale for $15! SUPER comfy vintage feel)

The bonus of this bag are the chic tassels, another trend for Spring 2015 that I am on board with. Bucket bags are available in every conceivable color, pattern and (thankfully) price- take a look at some of my favorites for the season! From nautical stripes to floral to perforated leather to suede, I am swooning over these options- all under $100!